जाने NPCI के बारे में, UPI, IMPS,ABPS,AEPS,NETC Full Form

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NPCI Full Form in Hindi

NPCI means National Payment Corporation of India. Which is called National Payment Corporation of India in Hindi.

Functions of NPCI:

The main task of the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is to facilitate the payment process and promote digital payments to the common man through banking in the country.

The new digital payment option brought by NPCI in the country has brought revolutionary changes. Common people are able to use it easily.

Payment process has become very easy like indigenous debit cards are RUPAY CARD, BHIM UPI, IMPS, ABPS, AEPS, NFS, BHARAT Bill Payment System, NETC.

Friends, as you all know, after the demonetisation in the country, the process of digital payment has increased tremendously.

In which the trend of digital payment process UPI (UPI) and Bharat Bill Payments System brought by NPCI increased.

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What is Rupay Card?

RuPay is a payment system indigenously developed by NPCI.

Which is designed to meet the expectation and needs of the Indian consumer, banks and merchant eco-system.

Debit cards, credit cards are issued by banks in India of Rupee cards.

As you know, earlier in India, cards of foreign companies like VISA, MASTER had to be depended on others for cards.

But now NPCI has developed RUPAY CARD for the country. Which is now being used by crores of people.

IMPS Full Form :

The full form of IMPS is Immediate Payment Service (imps), which is called Tatkal Paytm Seva in Hindi. It has been developed by NPCI.

Through this, you can transfer money instantly to any bank account through net banking. For this, the account number and IFSC code of the sender is required.

What is ABPS?

The full form of ABPS is Aadhar Payment Bridge System. Which in Hindi is called Aadhaar based payment process. Which DBT means Direct Benefit Transfers (direct payment service through Aadhaar medium).

It is being used by the government on a large scale. Such as receiving gas subsidy, pension, scholarship and other government funds are used to send directly to bank accounts through Aadhaar.

Abps is used only by the government, it is not for the use of common people. You are only a beneficiary in this service.

UPI Full Form

The full form of UPI is Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Which is a revolutionary change in the payment system developed by NPCI.

After its arrival, it takes only a few seconds to send or receive money to anyone. And you can also get information about your bank balance.

What is AEPS?

The full form of AEPS is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS). Through which you can withdraw money from your Aadhaar linked bank accounts by Aadhaar number and your biometric thumb impression.

BHARAT Bill Payment System (BBPS) :

BHARAT Bill Payment System has been created by NPCI for bill payment. Through this you deposit your electricity, water, recharge, fees.

With this facility, people have got a lot of relief in bill payment. Where earlier they were waiting in lines for bill payment, now they can pay through BBPS in a few minutes.

What is NETC?

The full form of NETC is National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC). Which has recently been created by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to take payments at toll plazas.

Your payment will be done through FastTag’s FASTag are Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers and you will not even need to stop at the toll. This will save your time and fuel.

NFS Full Form :

The full form of NFS is National Financial Switch (NFS). It is a network of shared Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Through which we deposit and withdraw cash through ATM card.

NPCI Full Form in Hindi ?

भारतीय राष्ट्रीय भुगतान निगम

NPCI क्या है?

NPCI Full Form FAQ’s

What is the role of NPCI?

NPCI provides online transaction routing, processing and settlement services to members participating in UPI. NPCI can, either directly or through a third party, conduct audit on UPI participants and call for data, information and records, in relation to their participation in UPI.

How can I check my NPCI status?

Customers can check the Aadhaar number mapping status in NPCI mapper by dialling 9999# on any GSM mobile. Additionally, LPG consumers can also check the Aadhaar number mapping status by visiting the transparency portal of the respective OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) website.