Change Axis Bank Net Banking Login Password

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Axis Bank Net Banking:- Axis Bank is the third largest private bank in India, which provides all types of financial services for corporate and individual users. Along with this, the bank also boasts of its excellent services which include secure internet banking. Axis Bank offers all types of banking services through Internet Banking with a secure interface.

Axis Bank Net Banking is loaded with several features so that its customers can get access to the complete banking services offered by the bank. In this article, we have explained the features, benefits, registration process, login steps, and how to transfer funds using Axis Bank Net Banking. Below we have told all the things related to Axis Bank Net Banking, with the help of which you can register your Axis Bank Net Banking.

How to Reset Axis bank net banking password

Axis Bank Net Banking

Axis Bank provides a NetBanking facility to its account holders. The net banking registration process is quite simple and can be done in a few easy steps. Axis Bank NetBanking gives account holders access to all banking services throughout the day and is secured with NETSECURE two-step authentication. Account holders of Axis Bank Savings Account can use their Axis Bank Internet Banking login credentials to log in to Net Banking and Axis Bank Mobile Banking.

Register online for Axis Bank Net Banking facility as a new user registration with your credentials already issued to you, check online registration and activation of internet banking to complete online transactions at your doorstep, also Find out how to register for Axis Net Banking if not have a Debit Card…

Let us see the detailed procedure to register for the net banking facility of Axis Bank. One can register for an online banking facility once, and start an internet banking facility using debit card credentials as follows.

How to Reset Axis bank net banking password

How to Reset Axis bank net banking password

Axis Bank provides you with simple opportunities to start your electronic banking experience, offering 24/7 support for its clients. As an account holder, you can avail a variety of advantages as well as solutions by Axis Financial institution through its electronic banking service. For convenient internet banking, you will certainly need to remember your electronic banking password, which can get tedious sometimes. However, it is necessary to recognize how you can reset your internet banking password.

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Reset Axis Bank Net Banking Password

Your net banking password gives an extra layer of defense for your Axis bank savings account. You can access any kind of user from your account once you have visited with the help of your password. Allow’s have a look at these fast, simple actions to reset your Axis Bank net banking password.

  • First of all, you have to go to the Axis Bank website.
  • Now you are on the Axis Bank net banking websites home page.
  • You have to click on “log in” on that page.
  • After clicking on login, you have to click on “forget password”.
  • After the process, you must enter your login or customer ID to proceed further.
  • Then next you have to enter your debit card number / ATM pin / and expiry date after that you have to select INR as your preferred currency.
  • If you have done this process now you have to accept all the terms and conditions and click to proceed.
  • You are all set to create a new password.
  • In this step, you have to enter and reinter the new password of your choice. 
  • You have to enter your OTP and then click on submit button.
  • If you don’t follow all the processes we discuss with you then you will definitely change your Axis Bank net banking password definitely.
How to Reset Axis bank net banking password

Why You May Have to Reset Your Axis Net Banking Password

  1. Today there are so many hackers around us who wanted to hack or give strikes on your bank account and make them empty in this case if you had net banking with Axis Bank then you have to change your password timely because it might be safer for you.
  2. If you had Axis Bank net banking then you may make your account saver with your changing password timely.
  3. The reason for changing Axis Bank’s net banking password timely that if you don’t change your password timely then at a time your account may cause trouble.
  4. If you change your password timely then you remember your password very well.
  5. the concept of changing the Axis Bank net banking password is very easy in about paragraph we discussed how to change the Axis Bank net banking password.


In today’s article, we know about how to change Axis Bank’s net banking password and why it is necessary to change Axis Bank’s net banking password. If you find the space helpful then please share this information with your friends and family.

How to change Axis Net Banking Password

How to Reset Axis bank net banking password

Axis Bank Customer care number

Axis Bank Net Banking Helpline Number:-


Axis Bank Limited, ‘Axis House’,
C-2, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg,

Worli, Mumbai – 400 025

Call:- +91-22-24252525/43252525

Fax:- +91-22-24251800

Official Website:- Click Here

How to change Axis Net Banking Password FAQs

What is the password for Axis Bank Internet Banking?

Visit the Axis bank website and then click on ‘Login’. Next, click on ‘Forgot Password’. Then, enter your login ID or customer ID to proceed further. Enter your Debit Card Number, ATM PIN, and expiry date, and then select INR as your preferred card currency.

What is the login ID and password for Axis Bank?

You can use your Customer ID as your login/user ID. You can SMS” CUSTID to +918691000002 / 56161600 from your registered mobile number to get your Login/Cust ID.